“During the 2020 quarantine of Covid-19, teachers encouraged their grade schoolers to draw or paint rainbows and put them in the windows of their homes for a passersby audience. Walking around my neighborhood I’d smile at the sight of these naive rainbows, feeling connected in hope with others via their earnest artistic expression.

During the stressful and isolating time of Covid-19 lockdown in 2019, I was contemplating how to bring joy and poetry into the lives of children who their families have entrusted their care to the University of Rochester – Golisano’s Children’s Hospital. I wanted to come up with ideas of how to make coming to the hospital something children could look forward to doing. 

As a painter, light and color are my specialty. So when I learned of a prismatic film that is sticky and can be printed upon, I was fascinated.”

– Charmaine Wheatley, Artist-in-Residence University of Rochester Medical Center

Stickers + rainbows = magic! 

This project brings Sandy Strong – the mascot of the – University of Rochester Medical Center – Golisano Children’s Hospital (GCH) and each of her friends to life, on stickers. 

A child can put prismatic stickers on their bedroom window (or any window) that has bright sunlight coming in. More vibrant rainbows occur when the sunlight pours into a dimly lit space. (Grown ups will appreciate that if the sticker is removed, no gooey residue will be left behind). 

Children will be able to collect Sandy and each of her 8 friends after visits to GCH. By minimizing each of these characters to outlines they embrace all identities and celebrate togetherness within a community.

Sandy and her friends each project a unique rainbow, symbolizing both their individuality and the beautiful, diverse spectrum of the community that GCH serves. The more visits to the hospital, the more their bedroom will be filled with these rainbows.

This project is intended to create positivity for children and families who are experiencing difficult times, and to build on the magical feeling that comes from seeing rainbows at unexpected times/places. 

Strong Rainbows – connecting families and family homes with the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Families are encouraged to post pics of their rainbows on social media